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Concerts in November, and another album nears completion

On 19 November the band performed at two locations, though not simultaneously. In the afternoon they performed at Marasong, providing a one-hour more-or-less acoustic set (Bruce and Ed were powered) as part of a 12-hour non-stop song event at Yalding Church in aid of School Gambia, raising funds for schools in The Gambia.

In the evening John, Alice, Dave and Bruce sang several a capella numbers at the Winter Festival at Christ Church, Colliers Wood, which marked the start of fundraising for the sesquicentenary (150th anniversary) of the church's consecration in May 1874. The venue was completely packed, and there were also contributions from, among others, three sides of Morris dancers (including a team of Goths), bellringers, handbell ringers and a ukulele band. Despite the hubbub it was quite apparent that the vocals were eminently audible!

Both performances were very well received, and the band is looking forward to further more-or-less acoustic gigs – the reduced set-up times are a distinct advantage.

The band's seventh album, tentatively entitled Amongst the Roses, is in an advanced state of preparation. It will include songs and instrumentals both traditional and new-hewn, plus an arrangement of the incidental music from the Lucy Anna Martin music video. There are samples from some of the tracks in development in the Work in Progress section.

The Lucy Anna Martin video project is complete – be sure to watch it. You can still find the band's search of the National Theatre's costume and prop hire departments in Kennington for suitable items for use in the green screen filming for the video at Camberwell Studios in mid-March 2013. You can also follow John's finished record, "The Making of Lucy Anna Martin", by clicking here; the blog now continues with John's thoughts on developing new stories and videos.

Meanwhile donít forget to visit the band's blog (updated on 16 June 2015) at http://childe-rolande.blogspot.com.

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Poster for Lucy Anna Martin
(click to watch the video)