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There was a Time - Bruce's notes on Lucy Variations
(Richards and Goatly)

Instrumentation: Lucy is for the most part represented by harpsichord, strings and woodwinds. Pirates are mostly represented by penny whistle and accordion, though church organ and tubular bells also make unscheduled appearances.

Many of the elements in the linking passages are taken from stuff written in arranging the song, though there are quite a few new elements to maintain the flow. The three incidental cues are almost exactly as in the video, apart from the 'end credits' coda: as originally written the cue was too short and made the credits run unfeasibly fast, so it was lengthened for the video; however, the original, shorter version is given on the CD.

1. First cue: intro
Mysterious woods - Lucy in peril.

2. First linking passage
New 'business': 'curtain up' on harpsichord - Lucy arrives by train, and boards steamship.
'Verse 1': Pirates attack - Lucy is taken prisoner - Lucy escapes.
'Verse 2': Lucy creeps up on sleeping pirate - he is dispatched - Lucy goes on down, down, down.

3. Second cue: fight!
Two pistol shots - chaotic fight with the pirates [strings repeat 'Lucy in peril' motifs] - just the pirate captain left now - thrust and parry - sizing each other up - captain's demise.

4. Second linking passage
'Verse 3': Lucy returns and is welcomed with a brass band reception.
'Verse 4': Lucy marries a lord and enters society.

5. Third cue: conclusion
Time passes [harpsichord] - more time passes [harpsichord and celesta] - Lucy is bored and disillusioned [strings and woodwind] - Lucy's decision [brass trio] - Lucy's new adventure - end credits (original version).


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